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For anyone looking for my icons/translations and other random stuff, please head on over to either [info]prismaticmoon or Charisu. Honestly, the stuff over there's far more interesting! My journal layout is by [info]tasha, and is modified slightly by me to feature Nanoha Takamachi from the Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha series.

Hey! My name's Sam, otherwise known as Chibi-Sam, Samantha, Syuria, English Girl, and a lot of other names. I'm 23 and have just somehow finished my BA at the University of Sheffield studying Japanese with German. I'm currently living in Iwaki, Japan, but I'm a proud Brightoner through and through, as most of my friends are aware of. My personality is type INFJ, if you go in for that sort of thing.

I have a whole manner of geeky hobbies and interests. I enjoy a good bit of anime/manga, J-dramas, random sci-fi series, bizzare British comedies, reading and retro video gaming, plus I have recently started playing the Magic: The Gathering card game with my friends.

I also love writing, though I wouldn't dare call myself a writer yet. One day I'm hoping to get a couple of children's novels published, and until then I'll keep trying my best. My plans are basically to learn how to be a good Elementary School teaching assistant here in Iwaki and to make as many friends as possible!
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